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Boosting Hybrid Employee Engagement through Innovative Digital Content

How to get employees engaged with your content

Immersive experiences are exciting, proven ways to get hybrid/remote employees engaged without alienating office-based folk either. 

Discovering captivating communication methods for hybrid and office-based teams is essential

 We believe digital destinations can be the perfect solution to bridge the gap. In this article, explore a selection of innovative ideas that harness the power of digital destinations to elevate remote employee engagement.

Transform Obligatory Material into a Fun, Gamified Experience

Assigning mandatory reading on complex subjects like regulatory and compliance training can be challenging, and making sure it’s understood by remote employees can be even more difficult.

Digital desktop destinations can make these processes more engaging by transforming monotonous scroll-to-the-bottom-and-click-the-OK-button scenarios into active participation. This is achieved by using strategies inspired by gaming and behavioral economics.

Imagine a digital escape room where employees learn by collecting information from clickable sources placed throughout a virtual environment. They can assess their knowledge through quizzes and earn rewards, recognition, and enjoy an experience unlike any they’ve had before.

Make employee pulse surveys not feel like surveys

The average employee pulse survey is 12 questions long, but what happens when you need deeper insights? Surveys over 30 questions suffer from lower-quality answers and high abandonment rates.

EY designed a 100-question employee survey but disguised it in the form of three quizzes inside a 360° digital destination. Each quiz aimed to find out how employees felt about a different aspect of EY’s new strategic direction.

Turning surveys into quizzes worked well: out of over 7,000 employees, EY achieved an 84% response rate.

Transport remote and office employees to the same place

Consistency is crucial for athletes to achieve peak performance. Any disruptions to their routine can negatively affect their quality of work.

Similarly, providing a uniform learning experience to hybrid or remote teams can be a challenge. However, with digital destinations, it is possible to ensure that all employees, whether office-based or remote, receive the same experience.

For instance, Fidelity International’s Virtual Pension Centre is a digital benefits fair that functions like a traditional event space or meeting room. It helped clients understand their pension plans better and enabled employees worldwide to explore and learn about their benefits. Moreover, teams can interact with live agents in real-time and clarify any questions they may have.

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