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The Challenge

Engage members effectively and remotely

Fidelity International’s communications goal is to help members of its pension scheme understand how their pension works.

As the world changed, Fidelity couldn’t guarantee face-to-face presentations for its members. Fidelity needed a creative solution that minimised travel and disruption but kept two-way discussions with members flowing.

The Solution

A 360° digital destination

We worked with Fidelity to create the Virtual Pension Centre: an interactive digital destination for learning and discussion.

Visitors roam a Fidelity-branded 360° world – each member’s world is co-branded with their employer – to explore and learn as they would in any traditional event space or meeting room.


The Solution

Two-way interactivity.

We designed the Virtual Pension Centre with people at the heart of it. Visitors can chat with live Fidelity agents in real-time to have their questions answered.


The Solution

Data Analytics

In the backend, Fidelity can understand how audiences interact with the Virtual Pension Centre using integrated analytics. Views and dwell time of webinars help to create better content and show clients the value of the insights uncovered in the Virtual Pension Centre.

The data is exportable and integrates with marketing automation systems.

The Result

A rich and engaging digital experience for employees and customers.

The Virtual Pension Centre launched to Fidelity’s customers in December 2020.

It’s enabled Fidelity to deliver quality presentations remotely while keeping two-way conversation flowing.

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