This Is Oriflame
Immersive Brand Experience



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The Challenge

Engage and Immerse 3 million Oriflame Brand Partners

Earlier this year, Oriflame moved to a new Stockholm office. It has excellent environments, buzzing social areas, advanced technology, and inspiring architecture.

They wanted to be able to share the experience with their global audience, both partners and customers. This experience had to convey a feeling of being present in their new exciting space and being full of compelling stories, games and interactions.

The Solution

A Fully Immersive and Interactive Brand Experience

By leveraging our technology with high-quality content from the client, we have built a 360° immersive experience where visitors can explore the virtual office and learn more about Oriflame’s brand, company values, products and culture.

With added gamification module, users can check their knowledge about the company and challenge themselves with a quiz.

The Result

This Is Oriflame 

So, are you ready to dive deeper into the world of Oriflame? Click ‘Open Project’ now – and immerse yourself in the experience 😉

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